September 11, 2018
The armed factions loyal to Turkish forces in Afrin continue to carry out danger violations against civilians, especially those related to abductions, arrests, armed robbery and harassment in all their forms, which are manifestly contrary to human rights principles and violate international law with regard to civilians, whether in war or peace. In absence of any international organizations working in this area, where arrest campaigns included several villages in Afrin area , recently in event of a new escalation, including village of “Dakra” in area of ​​Ma’abtli in Afrin countryside, where arrest of so-called ” Combat Terrorism “of the Turkish security forces yesterday evening two women and they are : (Savin and Mofida) from the village where they were took them to an unknown location.
While the armed groups kidnapped two days ago five citizens from “Ain Darah” village belonging to Shiraa area in Afrin, took them to an unknown location , the name of citizens are: Nuri Muhammad Najjar “Yazidi”, Jamal Mohammed Najjar “Yazidi” – Dalksh Nuri Najar ” Khaled Hassan Al Ali “from Arab component”, Mohamed Mustafa Ibash).
In addition, five members of Ahrar al-Sham faction under the Turkish forces flag were arrested in Karzila village in Afrin town , a day after the abduction of 50 citizens , the kidnappers were: Rizan Hassan Nasser, Subhi Abdul Sattaf, , Mohamed Chamio, Farhad Abdo). In addition to “Farhad Hmkaro, 25 years old , Mazloum Qajah, 25 years, Hussein Qajah 30 years, Zaki Hmkaro 23 years, Nuri Hajji 45 years, Mohammed Shami 55 years, Subhi Sattaf 60 years.
Eyewitnesses from local residents said: ” five citizens were severely beaten during the kidnapping campaign by these elements to terrorize the citizens, pressure them and to demand their parents later on for ransom provided to them for releasing.
The armed factions also launched a new campaign of arrests, including mosque and preacher of mosque, “Sheikh Bakr” in Afrin, Sheikh Mustafa Abdul Rahman bin Mohammed, after Friday prayers on charges of inciting the people against violations by these armed factions, Sheikh Mustafa belongs to tribe of Barzangi From sons of late Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Naqshbandi.
In addition, a campaign of arrests was carried out in Pavlor village in Takhia Jandaris town , including Farid Mohammed Mustafa, 34 years old.
In the same context, the faction of Ahfad Al rasoul ” arrested several civilians, including women, in “Badnali” village in Ma’abtli area in Afrin countryside, including: (Hayat Mohammed Bakr, Hawar Osman De Do, Mohammed Murshed Murshed, Hussein Mustafa Sha’aban, Hassan Abdo Himktu ).
The arrests took place in Khleinra village , where armed factions arrested more than ten people, including Ismat Rasheed Medwar, Farhad Mustafa, Manan Isma’il, Ahmad Hasan Mustafa, Mazloum Ahmed Mustafa.
In addition to organized arrests, a patrol of military battalions loyal to the Turkish forces raided civilians homes in old Afrin neighborhood in the city center. They searched citizens’ telephones and set up three new checkpoints along Afrin-Ma’arata road, along with two old checkpoints. , Four of them belonging to “Al-Hamzat” division , one for “Shua’aytat” checkpoints. These checkpoints stop civilians and search their phones.

On the other hand, violent clashes broke out in internal fighting between the armed factions on of Villas Road highways roads , injuring civilians, while clashes spread out in front of Dirsem Hospital, while fighters fired bullets randomly .
It is noteworthy that the fighting took place between Sultan Murad battalion and Hamzat division on one hand and the battalion of Ahrar al-Sharqiya and Eastern liones (Awsood Al sharqya) Army on the other in Hiami , Ali Karo and Za’ara villages related Belbali town, following a dispute over the control of crossings and checkpoints harassed passers-by of civilians and in conjunction with looting .
In the same context, as a result of randomly firing by “Hamzat” division in Hassan village of Rajo, the child Nidal Hassan was injured 10 years by bullets in his stomach and taken him to hospital.
Among the violations that increase chaos and security chaos in the area is , Zakaria Saleh Khalil house , from Naza village (Al mahba) related to Sharan in Afrin, who was controlled by armed elements of factions to the area. They seized his hands and feet, and plundered him 125,000 Syrian pounds with his private documents.

Al-Anzat division also released Arif Al-Omar, who has been detained for two months, after a $ 6,000 ransom was paid.

While Afrin city, a bomb explosion in front of gas station “Aisha” resulted in death of a child and seriously injured one person.