September 25, 2018

Afrin area residents in northern Aleppo complained of seizure by Syrian armed factions related to Turkish forces of olive season. They said that Turkish army and Syrian gunmen began taking over production of vineyards belonging to them.

Syrian factions issued a communiqué demanding that local councils of Turkey in Afrin region receive production of olive groves.

Yesterday, members of factions harvested olive crop owned by Judge ‘Abdul Qader’ Abd al-Rahman and his brother Mahmoud ‘Abd al-Rahman from Medanki village in Sharan area (about 80 trees), when they asked about them from Sultan Murad checkpoint, they denied that did find among the fields, although they were pushed near field and cars passed through their checkpoint.

Region citizens denounced that takeover by Turkey and its followers of e olive harvest for people, expressing their categorical rejection of it. They said that ” Turkish occupation is taking over seizure and looting of all their property, is now taking over olive season and handing over to councils that formed.”

Marwash Rashid Kalkawi was rejected conspiracy that did happened about Afrin “The actions that we see in Afrin outside framework of international ethics and international silence are considered as legislation for these violations,” she said.

General Staff of “National Army” limited responsibility of harvest and olive harvest in Afrin local councils for each region.

Body said in a statement last week that factions should hand over olive tree sectors belonging to public and private property of local council of the region.

Agriculture occupies the first place among Afrin people and contributes to composition GDP by 70% of their total income. The number of olive trees is about 18 million trees, production of oil reaches 270 thousand tons in fruitful years, and there are 250 olive oil presses in the region.