September 27, 2018

Gunmen kidnapped Wednesday a pharmacist working at Sjo hospital near Azaz city in Aleppo countryside, northern Syria, while heading to Afrin city .

Dr. Radwan, a 46-year-old pharmacist, was arrested between Qatma villages and Kafarjana after he left his hospital. They kidnapped him and took him to an unknown location.

A source close to Radwan said the kidnappers were apparently watching pharmacist, when he left hospital where he was traveling with a friend on a motorcycle heading to Afrin city, a bus took him to his residence place in Hreitan city.

The source added that hijackers were using a jeep vehicle , two of them were escorted and asked Radwan to come with them by arm after confirming his identity, while he asked his companions to follow his way.

The source pointed out that one who kidnapped him is a military body affiliated to one of detachments belonging to Turkey in the region where citizens abduction and a large ransom for their release has become a source for their income.

The source added that Radwan had been threatened about three months ago by what he described as “influential people in factions,” on background of a problem related to his brother, without specifying it, adding that he had no other problems in the region.

The source confirmed that kidnappers did not communicate with any member of pharmacist family nor with hospital in which he works, to ask for ransom or anything else, where his place and fate are still unknown.

Afrin residents complain for continued violations by Syrian armed factions that related to Turkey, which are carried out under eyes and participation of Turkish soldiers, amid lack of action by security services, while Amnesty International Organization said that Turkey must end “gross violations of human rights” committed in Afrin region as an occupying state.