September 27, 2018

Afrin city and its countryside in Aleppo northern countryside, a large displacement of civilians towards Aleppo city, as a result of security collapse in the region and abuses of some groups of Turkish armed forces against citizens in city.

Where escalation of these violations after six months on Turkey’s control imposition for the city , robbery cases have spread widely in the region, without procedures and controls by the military factions to curb them. In addition to civilians extortion from olives and vineyards fields through confiscation of their land and production, imposition taxes on farmers under protecting their land pretext.

This is in addition to repeated raids on villages and towns, hundreds of youths arrest and killing some of them under torture in prisons, kidnappings for revenge or a ransom for their release this is one of means for factions funds .

Amnesty International organization accused Turkey, as a state occupying Afrin, last August , by committing “gross” violations of human rights in Afrin, with participation of its armed Syrian groups.