Date: September, 28 ,2018

Turkish media revealed that Turkish intelligence carried out a new operation inside Syria, during which it arrested those it described as “accused of involvement in killing of Turkish soldiers”.

The Anatolia news agency reported that Turkish intelligence agency in cooperation with the gendarmerie succeeded yesterday in arresting two in Rajo Town, northwest of Afrin, Syria.

Local sources from Rajo area confirmed that the village was raided and surrounded by heavy vehicles and Turkish soldiers accompanied by armed Syrian elements. Several houses were searched and mobile phones were confiscated , despite they found no weapons, but they arrested many civilians randomly .

This is the second time that the Turkish forces on September 14, arrested 9 “citizens” in Afrin on charges of being involved in an attack that killed two Turkish soldiers during Operation “Olive Branch” earlier this year.

A court in the southern province of Hatay decided to continue their detention on charges of belonging to a terrorist organization, murder and undermine the unity and territorial integrity of Turkey.

The Turkish intelligence agency has carried out several operations in recent times, the most prominent of which was an operation carried out in Lattakia in coordination with the Syrian intelligence, during which Yusuf Nazik was, whom Ankara accuses of being “chief responsible for planning the bombing of Rayhanli district in Hatay province.”