Date: September 30, 2018

In a new episode of the escape series, today 11 ISIS elements and leaders escaped from the prisons of Syrian opposition factions – including non-Arab nationalities – from a prison belonging to the Syrian factions of the Turkish armed forces in the city of Bab east of Aleppo.

A source in Al Bab city revealed that ten prisoners accused of belonging to the organization of the “Islamic state” and criminal crimes escaped from the prison of the military police of the National Army, which was formed by Turkey recently, after they cut the window of the room in which they were held and emerged by a saw that was introduced to the prisoners.

The source added that the military police searched for escapees. On July 24, a group of prisoners were arrested on criminal charges from a central police prison in Afrin (43 km northwest of Aleppo).

20 prisoners of the elements and leaders urged to escape from the prison of Ahrar al-Sham in the province of Idlib last month in a dramatic operation in which the prisoners captured jailers!

As well as the escape of a number of leaders calling from the prison of the security office of the movement of Ahrar al-Sham at the Bab al-Hawi border crossing with Turkey, in addition to the smuggling of prisoners belonging to Daish at the hands of the Liberation of the Sham in the attack on Ahrar Sham in the north.

The success of elements and leaders urging the escape more than once and in most of the prisons of the factions known to strongly guarded by some to pay large amounts of up to $ 20,000 for the smuggling of one prisoner, and most of the leaders of those factions cannot reject such an attractive offer! They are released through a representative scene called “Escape”.