Date: 2 October, 2018

A local source in Afrin said that thousands who settled in Afrin region after the Turkish occupation, they came from several provinces, especially from Aleppo and eastern region of Ghouta, and that most of the violations practiced by the coming from al-Ghouta whether armed or civilian. In addition the arrivals from Deir Azzor city.

The source told the Documentation Center that residents complained about the “settlers of al-Ghouta” who erected dozens of barriers to blackmail and arrest citizens of Afrin, “racially assault” them and “less assimilate” compared to those from Aleppo. “The majority of the people of Ghouta who have moved to Afrin region have left their relatives, especially the elderly, or even their wives,” the source said. “In Ghouta, which is now under the control of Syrian government forces, this raises doubts.

Dozens of al-Ghouta settlers attacked local council in Mabata / Al-Ma’abtli and assaulted members of the council because of the refusal of the residents to appoint a Kurdish school for the “Islamic”.